FDA’s groundbreaking handheld counterfeit detection device (CD-3) has been awarded a patent, according to a just-issued report by Securing Industry.  The question I have is why this process took so long.  This amazing device is relatively inexpensive and highly portable.  It’s also extremely versatile and effective. How many devices that fit these criteria have the potential to field-test product as well as packaging for signs of counterfeiting and diversion?  Few, if any, I suspect. I was one of the earliest proponents of this device within FDA and worked closely with its creators at the Forensic Chemistry Center to develop specialized training for FDA’s criminal investigative unit.  Unfortunately, the timing was not right and our efforts largely fizzled.  But maybe CD-3’s time has finally come.  If given the chance to show its stuff to a wide audience, I’m convinced it will not disappoint (see my previous CD-3 posts here, here, and here).