A recently-issued U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) press release reinforces yet again the urgent need for state and federal regulators and law enforcement authorities to ramp up their efforts to identify and aggressively pursue corrupt wholesale distributors that continue to fuel our nation’s ever-widening prescription drug diversion crisis. According to DOJ, David Konigsberg pled guilty last June to a single criminal conspiracy count related to his role in a nationwide prescription drug diversion scheme. Konigsberg reportedly used his company, Preferred, Inc., to sell diverted prescription drugs to David Miller and Minnesota Independent Cooperative that originated from “illicit street sources in New York and New Jersey at substantial discounts off of the wholesale price.” Alarmingly, information maintained by New York’s Office of Professions disclosed that Preferred, Inc. operated as a licensed wholesale distribution facility in Hewlett, New York from March 2008 through February 2014, highlighting concerns that wholesale distributor inspection frequencies are being negatively impacted by state resource constraints and suggesting that inspection protocols need to be revamped to accommodate for this inadequacy in order to swiftly and efficiently detect such schemes in the future.